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A language and culture mentoring platform with the ultimate goal of providing deaf interpreting and language translation services with an opportunity to support undying compassion towards the intersection of leaders in the deaf community. Creative Minds aims to strengthen the rapport between communities taking action toward improved accessibility in the workplace, and schools to improve social belonging global-wide. 


University of Minnesota-Duluth Student

"Christopher D Johnson is a great teacher. I took ASL 101 with him. His class was fun and full of new signs every time. He is so helpful and does not mind repeating several times until all students understand well. He uses different things to make the class more interesting, such as games, news videos, and grouping students to practice stories together. I have learned a lot about Deaf culture in his class Although this class is a language class, not a culture class. My signs skills have improved so fast as well. He respects different cultures and encourages multiculturism. He is strong "Deaf”, meaning that belonging to Deaf culture and helping the Deaf community as much as he can. He taught us how to help Deaf individuals in a Hearing sitting when there is no one knows ASL. I would recommend him, especially, to teach ASL beginners since he is patient with them."
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